Taco Bites

Upgrade your kids’ lunch time with a convenient warm snack option from Uncrustables. Minimal prep, no mess — yet with taco flavor and ready in the microwave in under 60 seconds! Uncrustables Beef Crumble, Cheese, Salsa and Taco Seasoning in Bread Bites heat up in-pouch and are easy to take on-the-go, wherever the day takes you next. Each box contains three pouches with 2 snack bites per pouch. With all the taste kids will love, these heat-and-eat bites are made with soft bread and baked fresh. Your snack-time just got a whole lot easier (and tastier!) with the taco taste that’ll have you coming back for more again and again… and again!

Available Sizes: 3 Count (6 Sandwiches)
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While microwaving is recommended for the best experience, Uncrustables Taco Bites are fully cooked and can be thawed for 2 hours and consumed immediately.

Yes! Place an unopened pouch of Uncrustables Taco Bites in a microwave. Do not vent film. Microwave on high 40 seconds for one pouch, or 60 seconds for 2 pouches.Let product stand for 1 minute before handling. Caution: Filling will be hot. Please note microwaving times will vary (directions based on a 1100 watt microwave).

Uncrustables Taco Bites have 150 calories per pouch.

Keep Uncrustables Taco Bites frozen until ready to use.

Keep Uncrustables Taco Bites frozen until ready to use. 

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