Thaw & Eat Premade Sandwiches

Say hello to the perfect lunchbox solution for crazy mornings. Just add Uncrustables® frozen sandwiches to your kids’ lunchboxes in the morning and they’ll be thawed by lunchtime. It’s a deliciously simple way to make their day. Check out all our classic crustless sandwiches below.


Uncrustables Thaw & Eat Premade

All Uncrustables® sandwiches are premade and frozen, simply thaw at room temperature and enjoy!  



Uncrustables® premade sandwiches offer a quick and easy meal for packed lunches and for those on the go. Uncrustables® can be easily found in the frozen food section at a store near you. Find Uncrustables® premade sandwiches near you



Premade sandwiches are a great choice for kids’ lunchboxes or snacks. Uncrustables® has a variety of flavors and fillings that kids love. Explore different sandwich options from PB&J to Crustless Sandwiches. Check out all Uncrustables® options below. 


Our delicious frozen sandwiches offer a tasty and convenient meal solution. Whether they’re in a lunchbox or enjoyed at home, our wide variety of flavors and options can satisfy a range of tastes and preferences.

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